Hobbit Fans—Now You Can Drink Ale at The Green Dragon, Too

What is this new devilry? Well, since New Zealand has been cashing all their tourism chips at the Lord of the Rings Bank (we can hardly blame them), there’s a new pub in town now: The Green Dragon. So the only question we actually have is—can we come barefoot?

We can, right?

The pub opened last month, and is located in the same place where the movies were filmed, near Matamata. We know this is a trap for fans, but it’s a trap that we’ll happily fall face first into if we ever end up in New Zealand some day. Because, you know, it’s the Green Dragon. The home of “the only brew for the brave and true.” Merry and Pippin sang so.

(Pictures via DesignTaxi.)

Stubby the Rocket is the Tor.com mascot, and is astonished that beer comes in pints.


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