Neil deGrasse Tyson is an Action Figure Now

Artist datazoid recently created an entire series of fictional action figures based on real-life scientists. Again: these are sadly, tragically, not real action figures. But we wish they were! From the artist on how he created them:

These little guys took between 40 minutes and 2 hours each, totaling around 50 hours of work.

The figures are all based on Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: DS9 figures (primarily Odo from DS9, and Picard as Dixon Hill from TNG), and have been heavily modified in Photoshop using Liquify and a great deal of digital painting. Unfortunately, the figures aren’t real. I wish they were.

We wish they were real too! We also think datazoid should create even more, with perhaps a few more lady scientists? (Via Geekologie)

Now, Look at all the Heroes of Science below the cut!


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