Morning Roundup: Ultraman Rides AT-AT in Imperial Rodeo

Over on, there’s this nice piece of fan art from Franco Brambilla of what appears to be Ultraman riding an AT-AT. Looks like Vader is down there watching, too. We love it, and it seems oddly fitting for the approaching holiday season. (More fun art on What does the rodeo clown of this scenario look like?)

Highlights of your daily offsite include:

  1. Pick your favorite crazy Star Wars rumor.
  2. All about Ender’s Game.
  3. The Doctor Who snowmen are coming, they’re coming, they’re coming.

Star Trek

Star Wars

Doctor Who

  • More promo pics from “The Snowmen.”
  • Here’s the full trailer for the new Who Christmas Special titled “The Snowmen.”

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby was once, undignified, and entered willingly into a rocket rodeo. The memories still burn.


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