How Many Fandom Badges Can You Earn?

Vulture recently released a set of fandom badges for their list of Top 25 most devoted fanbases. The badges themselves are pretty awesome, and makes us all rightly curious—how many can you collect for your fanaticism?

Also, aren’t they leaving a few out? Or mixing them up? We understand that some of the badges (check them all out here!) are meant for music and other pop culture items, but we’re sure Tumblr is furious over the exclusion of Sherlock and Supernatural. Also, do the fandoms have to be currently super active? Because if we were giving badges for overall music fandom, we’re pretty sure The Beatles should be on there. Also, Colbert has more active fans than The Daily Show? What do you think? Who’s missing?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby is very sad that Vulture didn’t make Stubby a badge.


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