Morning Roundup: Hit-Girl Adorably Takes Us Hostage

After we tried to cast her in a Peanuts movie that will probably never be made, Chloe Grace Moretz came and took us hostage. It’s okay, she’s really nice even though she is scaring us a little. But really, in real life, apparently Kick-Ass 2 is going to be about Hit-Girl so much that it could almost be titled Hit-Girl.

Your other daily offsite links are both dangerous and cute. Highlights include:

  1. The books you should be reading if you watch sci-fi TV.
  2. Skynet is real. Making Terminator hands.
  3. How many Star Wars trilogies are there supposed to be again? 


Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby’s Kick-Ass style superhero name would be Stubby the Rocket.


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