Morning Roundup: Sharknado is Not in Kansas Anymore

From the people who brought you Sharktopus comes Sharknado! The great thing about Sharknado is that even if you wanted to come up with this premise, you probably couldn’t. On some level Sharktopus was predictable. But really, if you think you could have predicted Sharknado, you’re lying to yourself. 

Highlights of your offsite links include all sorts of other things you may or may not have been able to predict.

  1. Is Jamie Foxx in Spider-Man or not?
  2. Seriously, why do we like zombies so much?
  3. Matt Smith says something about Neil Gaiman.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby is really glad there’s no such thing as a Sharkiccane.

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