Gaming Roundup: Halo 4 Fever Rises


Fake coughs are starting to echo in offices around the world as Halo fans everywhere prepare for Master Chief’s return this upcoming Tuesday. The impending release of Halo 4 marks the first time a developer other than Bungie has made a major contribution to the Halo canon. So how did developer 343 Industries handle Microsoft’s most expensive video game ever, to date? Early reviews hit the net just yesterday and, well… see for yourself.

IGN ranks the game an astronomical 9.8, and raves: “Halo 4 is not only a success, but a bar-raising triumph for the entire first-person shooter genre.” Reviewer Ryan McCaffrey goes so far as to claim that “343’s debut effort out-Bungies Bungie.” 

Joystiq gives Halo 4 a perfect five-star rating, and proclaims it to be “one of the best games in the series and one of the finest shooters in years.”

Gamespot checks in with a 9.0 rating, noting that “Halo 4 is every bit the massive shooter package that its predecessors were, and it holds the series’ standard high.”

You get the picture. Whether you’re a die-hard series fan or simply looking for a good game to play, Halo 4 will likely be worth your while. The game launches on Tuesday, November 6 for the Xbox 360.

An aside: please, fellow gamers,  don’t stay up too late playing Halo 4 at midnight on Tuesday, or pick up your copy on your way home from your local polling station. The Forerunners are an ancient race. They can wait a few hours longer while you perform your civic duties.

In what turned out to be a busy week for gaming, Grand Theft Auto V got a release date, Assassin’s Creed III launched, and Lucasarts was acquired by Disney. Read on!

  • New Regency and Fox have stepped forward to fund the Assassin’s Creed movie. No guarantees, but it’s a step in the right direction for the flick, which (as has been known for awhile) includes Michael Fassbender.
  • In other Hollywood-based news, the Mass Effect movie now has a new writer.
  • Who wants to see Nathan Drake, Cole, and Sack Boy fight Kratos? Everyone, you say? The new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer makes this fangasm a reality.

  • Diablo… in space? Yeah, this almost happened.
  • An Amazon leak indicates a Skyrim Premium Edition is on the way just in time for the holidays. The Premium Edition includes the game, a t-shirt, a world map, the official tie-in novel, and concept art, as well as a soundtrack, ebook, and background/walkthrough videos for PC gamers.
  • The latest episode from Halo 4’s Forward Unto Dawn web series is available for viewing, and brings us a real, live version of Master Chief.

  • Since we’re on the topic of AAA releases, Assassin’s Creed III launched earlier this week to much fanfare. Initial reviews peg it as solid, entertaining fare that falls just short of excellence.
  • Finally, lost in the much ballyhooed 4 billion dollar acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney this past week and the announcement of Episode 7 was the fact that Disney acquired Lucasarts, as well. What does this mean for Star Wars video games? Less in-house and more licensing, indicates Disney CEO Robert Iger: “We’re likely to focus more on social and mobile than we are on console. We’ll look opportunistically at console, most likely in licensing rather than publishing, but we think that given the nature of these characters and how well known they are, and the storytelling, that they lend themselves quite nicely, as they’ve already demonstrated to the other platforms.” The potential for new classics following in the footsteps of Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron I and II, and Knights of the Old Republic lives on.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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