Matt Smith Would Wear Tom Baker’s Scarf If He Could: Highlights from the Doctor Who London Comic Con Spotlight

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and Doctor Who executive producer Caroline Skinner held court today at London Comic Con, taking loads of questions from the internet and the audience about… everything.

Smith was in top form, channeling the Doctor for over an hour and quipping madly as he let the audience know what he’d do if he could really travel in time, hedged around what they’re doing for the 50th anniversary, revealed what he thinks the Doctor’s greatest fear is, and assured a little boy that Amy and Rory are doing just fine.

On what he’d do if he could actually travel through time and space: “I’d go and see the dinosaurs, nip over to Atlantis and see if there was any truth to that, visit Zeus on his cloud, pick up Frank Sinatra, marry Marilyn Monroe, hit up the World Cup in 1966, then I’d go forward to the end of time and work my way backwards.”

On taking over from David Tennant: “David Tennant was a brilliant Doctor. And Chris, as well! There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being the Doctor, but you’ve just got to plow on. Being the Doctor has changed my life. I love it. It’s the most brilliant character I think I’ll ever play.”

On his favorite shooting location: “New York City, man. Everywhere you point a camera it’s glorious. It’s MY kind of town. I love it.”

On his friendship with Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan: “Arthur and I were like two obnoxious brothers poking their sister all the time. ‘We’re bored! Play with us! We’re bored! We’re bored!’ We created a whole language [over our time together]. It’s… strange.”

Does he actually like fish fingers and custard? “Yes. Try it! It’s good.”

What Doctor Who foe would he like to face next? “The Master. What a foe for the Doctor, his great nemesis. I don’t know, I’ll have to have a proper think about that.”

If the Doctor could go up against any of the previous Doctor foes again, who? “Ice Warriors? Yeti? Oh! What’s that massive robot from the Tom Baker episodes?”

What does he think the scariest Doctor Who enemy is? “The Silence are really creepy. And the Angels! Ah, there’s an Angel there! [In the back of the audience.]”

After a fan asked Matt Smith to marry her: “It’s dark in this room, but pending on a visual, let’s talk about it! As long as you can cook. And I quite like the idea of a dog.”

What facial hair should the Doctor have? “Surely he should have a curly, ridiculous moustache!”

Who is Matt Smith’s personal hero? My hero… well. Is it really… well, I’ve got a corny answer, which is the truth… I admire my dad, actually. He’s a pretty extraordinary man, a groovy dude.“

On how hard it can be to be the Doctor in real life: ”When you’re the Doctor. If you run a bath as the Doctor, it’s a more interesting bath. He just doesn’t put a duck in, he puts a duck in and it can, like, talk to you! And it’s made of raspberries or something.“

What personality traits does Matt share with the Doctor? ”Clumsiness.“

Highlights from the Doctor Who London Comic Con Spotlight

What is your favorite Dalek? ”My favorite Dalek is from the Troughton era. It’s the blue and white one and it’s a bit smaller… That’s my favorite Dalek.“

Favorite guest stars of season seven so far? ”Brian Pond, as a character, was brilliant. Mark William is a really good guy and is funny as hell.“

Caroline Skinner: ”Looking forward to Christmas, Richard E. Grant was fantastic.“

On Matt’s favorite part of the Doctor’s costume: ”Got some new boots which are…DOPE. Like, way dope. Richard E. Grant was like ‘I’ve gotta get a pair of those boots!’ and I was all ‘I know, right?’“

On bow ties: ”Bow ties are, and always will be, cool. That is where I stand. They’re back with a vengeance! I think they’re great. It’s a silly, sideways tie. It’s like a bunk bed, but a tie!“

On his favorite piece of Doctor Who merchandise: ”I drink a lot of tea and I like to use a Doctor Who mug because ‘oh, it’s me!’“

If Matt could travel with any companion from the show: ”One of them corsety-topped women!“

Matt’s favorite TV show: ”I love Breaking Bad. And I love The Walking Dead. If Doctor Who and that show crossed over the Doctor would get the zombies talking. It’d be funny.“

If the Eleventh Doctor could wear any of the previous Doctor’s costume items, which one? ”Tom Baker’s scarf, definitely.“

Scariest moment for the Doctor, according to Matt: ”When the Doctor opens that door in ‘The God Complex,’ and what he sees. What I was imagining he was seeing was eleven nooses, with the last one hanging empty.“

Highlights from the Doctor Who London Comic Con Spotlight

In response to a little boy shyly asking where Amy is: ”Amy is having a lovely time in New York, and she’s writing a book, and she eats fish fingers and custard every Thursday lunch. She’s alright.“

Will Captain Jack Harkness return? Caroline: ”Maybe? John Barrowman’s great so, yeah, why not?“

Is River Song coming back in the forthcoming episodes? Caroline: ”Yeah! She’s always gonna be back to cause mischief.“

What can you tell us about the upcoming episodes? Matt: ”Jenna’s first episode after the Christmas episode could be a real classic. Steven’s written a real belter.“

Caroline: ”It’s a huge 8-episode set. They’re all just as big, if not bigger, than the ones that have just aired.“

What will the new companion bring to the show? Caroline: ”She does this very elaborate dance around the Doctor. Jenna being on the TARDIS brings out a new side to Matt’s Doctor. She’s just effortless. She turned up for ‘Asylum of the Daleks,’ inhabited the part, and was a fantastic presence.“

Who can we expect in the 50th anniversary? Caroline: ”We can’t tell you but it’s going to be very cool.“ Matt: It’s going to be the biggest and best we’ve ever done. And we could tell you but we’re not going to!”

On a possible end for Matt Smith’s Doctor: “My time isn’t up yet. There’s many more adventures to go yet. Inevitably, every Doctor has their day, but it’s frightening to think that someone is going to come along and make me leave!”


Before the talk ended, the moderator interrupted the proceedings to present Matt Smith with a very special cake in honor of his upcoming 30th birthday. Some members of the audience also presented him with a birthday card!

Highlights from the Doctor Who London Comic Con Spotlight

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