Get Someone Hooked on the Wheel of Time for 99 Cents

The Wheel of Time is a truly epic fantasy series, spanning three decades and fourteen books, and representing many lifetimes’ worth of creativity both on and off the page. Its world is staggeringly detailed and full of mystery and the rewards for those who delve into it are immense.

But it sure is a lot to take on!

A Memory of Light, the long-awaited final volume of this titanic series, comes out from Tor Books on January 8, 2013. With the end finally in sight, there has never been a better time for fans of epic fantasy to see what makes this series great. (Or to send it on to friends who have been holding off on committing to a big series.) To that end, the first half of The Eye of the World, “From the Two Rivers” is currently available as a 99 cent ebook and is available from all ebook retailers and for all devices, including Nook, Kindle, and iPad.


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