Gaming Roundup: The Madness of King George in Assassin’s Creed III


The striking image above comes with the Ubisoft press release that announces five downloadable content packs for Assassin’s Creed III. Three of the DLC packs will be single-player episodic content exploring post-Revolution history “as it could have been.” Namely, what if George Washington fashioned himself a tyrant instead of a president? It’s an intriguing romp into an alternate America. Evil George Washington is so much more interesting than yet another zombie mode.

As the October 30th release date approaches, Assassin’s Creed III is definitely one of the biggest games of the fall season. Never huge fans of the franchise ourselves, we have to admit that this installment looks like madcap, badass, gorgeous fun and the timeframe (and the historical research) for the story really makes it stand out.

In other gaming news: CliffyB leaves Epic Games! And watch the first episode of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

  • This came as a real surprise. Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, more commonly known in gaming circles as CliffyB, is leaving Epic on good terms for the near future, citing a need to take a break from the industry. Bleszinski played an integral role in many of Epic’s signature games, including Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and Gears of War. We (and anyone else who loves games) are already looking forward to his eventual return with a fresh perspective. Best of luck, Cliff.
  • A Kingdom Hearts 1 HD remake is on its way, but what about Kingdom Hearts 2? Coming soon, according to series director Tetsuya Nomura.
  • The story of Diablo 3 in 3 minutes. Call it a hunch, but we think it may be a critique. Blizzard may have oh-so-slightly mailed it in from a storyline perspective. (Warning: spoilers. Obviously.)
  • GOG proudly brings Carmageddon back to the masses. Splatter an innocent pedestrian tonight.
  • Resident Evil 6 is getting mostly bad reviews, but critics can’t seem to agree on the biggest faults.
  • Get acquainted with the multiplayer maps of Halo 4! IGN brings you a complete developer-led walkthrough of the map, “Abandon,” in an ongoing series.
  • In other Halo 4 news, the live-action webseries Forward Unto Dawn premieres today. The start of the human-Covenant War will be told through the eyes of a young UNSC cadet, in a rather Battlestar Galactica docu-drama style. It’s a great way for newcomers to enter the universe of Halo before the big release day on 11/6. Watch it below:

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