Spreading the Word About the Mini Free Library

Behold the mini free library. In response to the closings and cutbacks imposed on libraries in recent years, a “Little Free Library” movement has formed to fill the gap and make certain that people are still able to enjoy and share books free of cost. The movement was begun in 2009 in Wisconsin by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, and it has since grown into a remarkable and truly uplifting movement. They encourage others to follow their example and make their own miniature free libraries.

The idea of the miniature free library has since grown internationally. In Canada, Adam Smith of Ontario has constructed the mini free library pictured above in response to the closing of the local library in his town of Milton. “A town named ‘Milton’ without books?” I hear you say. “Unthinkable!” And clearly Mr. Smith agrees wholeheartedly. He has even gone so far as to construct additional mini free libraries for others to use.

The basic idea is to make sharing books easy. Books go in, they come out, sometimes they come back while other times they’re simply replaced with another book. But there is one basic principle: if you take something, return something to replace it. If only that idea were more widespread these days.

And so, I think we can all agree that whether a “little free library” or a “mini free library,” this is an idea that everyone can get behind.

G. D. Falksen is the author of the Hellfire Chronicles and the forthcoming Ouroboros Cycle. He likes books. A lot. In case you couldn’t tell.


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