Tomorrow Night in Brooklyn: Hear Sci-Fi Classics Read by Great Authors

Ever wanted to know what Lev Grossman’s favorite sci-fi story was? Or Paul Park’s? Find out when they read them aloud tomorrow night at Singularity & Co. in Brooklyn, New York at 7:30 pm.

The event is the first installment of a new reading series I, Reader: Classic SF&F Readings from Our Favorite Humans, a show that features authors, performers, and personalities reading their favorite science fiction and fantasy. In keeping with Singularity & Co.’s “Save the Sci-Fi” campaign, readers will perform their favorite old school genre stories.

I, Reader will host some big names in literature, performance, radio, and more. This month the line-up includes the following folks:

The series is curated and hosted by staff writer Ryan Britt. There will be wine!

Directions to Singularity & Co.

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