Morning Roundup: The Flash Teams Up With the Trickster, Confuses, Delights Us

From 1990-1991 everyone’s favorite DC comics hero—The Flash—sped his way through a totally absurd TV show. And because the show was canceled after only one season, we were robbed of more appearances of Mark Hamill as the pesky Trickster! Now, this photo reveals how good of friends The Flash and The Trickster really were.

Your other offsite links are running at you really, really fast. Highlights include:

  1. Another team-up: Starbuck and Amy Pond!
  2. Young Sherlock Holmes rides ponies.
  3. Space Shuttle Endeavour landed in LA. People rejoiced.

Click to Enlarge (From Bobak's Twitter)

Click to Enlarge (From Bobak's Twitter)

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Some day Stubby will cheat on the Enterprise in NYC with the Endeavour in LA. The Trickster will help cover it up.

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