Gaming Roundup: What to Expect From Dragon Age III: Inquisition

BioWare announced their latest triple-A title this week, a sequel to the triple-platinum Dragon Age II. Targeted for a vague late 2013 release, not much info was shared about the game beyond its title. What we do know is that it’s going to look great, using as it does the same engine as military shooter Battlefield 3. Less recycling of levels is expected, too. But a lack of concrete fact has never stopped fans from speculating. BioWare, in fact, seems to encourage fan feedback. Potential theories about the plot and setting are rampant. Some reasonable theories say that players will get to visit Orlais and that the Divine, reigning papal figure of Thedas will figure into the plot.

What no one knows for sure is how players’ past decisions in the prior two games factor into the events of the third game. So, for now, keep those old saved games around.

Hunting robots, free music, and more await in this week’s Gaming Roundup.

  • In further BioWare news, there’s a new trailer for Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, the animated prequel adventures of Normandy crewman James Vega.

  • Get the Torchlight II OST, composed by Matt Uelmen of Diablo and Diablo II fame, for free.
  • Cory and Lori Cole, Quest for Glory’s creators, are making a new game called Hero U.
  • Sony announched a newer, slimmer PS3 at the Tokyo Game Show. There will be three models at three different price points ready in time for the holidays. There will be no price drops for the earlier models though. Of course.
  • 343 Industries released a new Halo 4 video, confirming returning Covenant weapons the Energy Sword and the Gravity Hammer.
  • In potentially awesome news, Microsoft has renewed their Killer Instinct trademark. Still one of our favorite fighters of all time.
  • Killer robot and fanciful indie game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, has a new trailer.

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