Talk Tech with Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross: Today at 4 PM EST

This Wednesday, September 19th from 4-5pm EST (under the hashtag #torchat), Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross, co-authors of the recently released book The Rapture of the Nerds, will be talking on #TorChat about technology, both in science fiction and in the book industry itself!

Doctorow, of course, is an author, blogger, technology activist and co-editor of the popular blog Boing Boing, where he frequently talks about issues of copyright, hacking, and his own experiences in the publishing world. His novels are simultaneously published by Tor Books and made available for free online under a Creative Commons license. Charles Stross, author of the popular Merchant Princes series (amongst others) had a convoluted road to becoming an author, including a stint writing a monthly Linux column for Computer Shopper. He now regularly writes articles for other online publications and keeps a blog at

The chat will be moderated by Tor Senior Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden (@pnh). Patrick has edited Cory’s novels since the very beginning, has worked with Charlie on a number of short-fiction pieces for, and edited The Rapture of the Nerds for Tor Books. He is also a significant online presence himself. He and his wife, fellow editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden, blog about a wide variety of topics, including technology and publishing, at Making Light.

We hope that genre fans as well as tech enthusiasts will follow the chat and join in using the Twitter hashtag #TorChat!

For more info, head over to the Tor/Forge Blog.


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