The Avengers As Your Favorite Disney Characters

Be prepared for the coup of the century! Be prepared for the murkiest scam! Meticu-

Okay, we’ll stop singing songs from The Lion King. But you have to admit that this image recasting Disney characters as the Avengers is pretty genius. We can oh-so-easily imagine Loki with the same dulcet tones that Jeremy Irons used playing Scar. The Beast as Hulk makes so much sense we’re that getting teary just thinking about, Aurora is Cap (Sleeping Beauty — get it?), Hawkeye is naturally Robin Hood, and Mulan proves once again that she’s one of the most badass princesses Disney has to offer, assuming her place as Black Widow. We’re completely tickled to find Lilo and Stitch‘s Cobra Bubbles (a special classification of social worker, how appropriate) as Nick Fury, Thor could only ever be Hercules, and Kuzco as Iron Man? We only hope that his third film will now be titled Tony Stark’s New Groove. In fact, we demand it.

Via Lokian Eule on Tumblr.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby would prefer to be played by the Genie in Aladdin when the time comes.


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