New Amazon TV Show Might Feature a Young Wonder Woman

According to Vulture, Allan Heinberg of Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C. (as well as comics work on Young Avengers and Wonder Woman) is writing a pilot script for the CW titled Amazon, for a show that will focus on the early days of Diana Prince, a.k.a Wonder Woman.

This isn’t the second time the red, white and blue lady has been dusted off for the small screen in the last year or so, with a Wonder Woman pilot having been filmed last year staring Adrianne Palicki. That one never saw the light of day, with early leaks about costumes, the plot, and so on making it nearly impossible to discuss the show without deriding it.

The CW may not have a spotless record where their TV projects are concerned, but they have a solid history of televising DC heroes with their decade-long Superman origin story Smallville and the upcoming Arrow. We can only hope that a return of Wonder Woman will be done smartly this time, and maybe even feature some progressive casting and wardrobe decisions. A Wonder Woman of color! A Wonder Woman who wears a costume that seems even slightly durable! A Wonder Woman who looks actually really, really strong!

What would you hope for from Amazon?


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