Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury!

Today would have been the 66th birthday of the incomparable Freddie Mercury. We love this picture of Freddie riding on Vader’s shoulders while proudly displaying his love for Flash Gordon, so we found some other instances of Freddie Mercury being amazing. Look below.


Queen did the entire soundtrack for the original Highlander (“Princes of the Universe”) and Flash Gordon (“Flash!”)


He and Christopher “Highlander” Lambert had a swordfight!


He exists in the Marvel universe as someone for Wolverine to aspire to!

Comic by Colleen Coover. Click to enlarge.

Comic by Colleen Coover. Click to enlarge.

And let’s not forget that in Good Omens, any tape in Crowley’s car turns into Queen’s Greatest Hits after a fortnight.

Thanks Freddie! We still miss you.


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