A Read of Ice and Fire

A Read of Ice and Fire: Spoiler Free-For-All!

Hi all! We’re sorry to say that this week’s post has been held up due to all the hurricane-related craziness going on New Orleans: last we heard, Leigh had just gotten her power back on, but no internet. In the meantime, we hope everything’s getting better down on the Gulf Coast, and that everyone is staying safe.

Thanks so much for being so patient over the last two weeks, everybody! Since we’ve got all this time on our hands (it’s a holiday weekend in the States, after all—and a blue moon!), we figured, why not go crazy and set up a spoiler thread? So let’s go nuts: all those things you’re dying to talk about, all those dark, GRRM-y plot twists, secrets, lies, and resurrections—get them off your chest! For everyone rereading the series, or just reading ahead, this is now the place to discuss any and all things related to the Song of Ice and Fire series that you just can’t wait to get to. Leigh will not be checking in the comments, so no need to hold back: unleash the spoilers, speculate wildly, and generally throw caution to the wind. In short: go wild, wildings free folk!

Please just keep in mind that if you don’t want to encounter spoilers for any of the later books or the HBO series, you should avert your eyes and pray for patience, and we promise to be back on schedule next week!


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