We Can All Be Tony Stark Now With “The Leap”

Sorry, we’re about to freak out a little: it comes from seeing all of your future-dreams realized well before you thought they had a chance at reality. See, this company called Leap has a brand new toy for your computer, and it’s going to change the way we interact with technology. Which we’re generally in favor of.

See that little guy below? The thing in front of the computer? That new thing is called the Leap. And it’s gonna make us all into genius billionaire playboy philanthropists.

The Leap is a gadget that turns eight cubic feet of space around your computer (that’s just about any computer, this is not owned by Mac or Samsung or any of those companies) into a 3D interface for you to interact with your machine. Now you can pinch, grab, push and pull things on your screen as though you are reaching into the computer, instead of just swiping and tapping. Or pointing and clicking. It can recognize more delicate instruments as well, like pens and chopsticks.

In short, you are Tony Stark. Now they just have to make the holographic interface, and we’ll be all set. Can we have it? Please?

You can preorder it here for $70 (which we think is nice and resonable considering how cool it will make you look), but the real question is—how long before all computers interface this way? How long before we’re all using them to make our wildest 3D dreams come true?

Stubby the Rocket is the Tor.com mascot. Stubby and JARVIS are old buddies. They trade stock tips.


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