Morning Roundup: Look at the Pretty Spaceship Toys

Stubby is not jealous one bit of any of these pretty, pretty spaceships. And that’s because none of these spaceships are ALIVE like Stubby the Rocket. But they can still hang out. It’s fine. (We saw this over on Geek Tyrant and it’s actually a photograph of photographer Avanaut’s toys!) 

Your offsite links are capable of sub-light speeds.

Highlights include:

  1. Doctor Who Season 7 Airdate!
  2. The Tolkien/50 Shades mash-up you didn’t know you needed.
  3. Why Wonder Woman’s bad guys are lame.
  4. What Zach Morris is doing in a certain League of Extraordinary Gentle-persons.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby has not been made into a toy. Yet.


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