The Longest Goodbye. True Blood: “Gone, Gone, Gone”

This week on True Blood, it’s all about evolution.

Russell has seen the light, quite literally, and he wants more. Bill’s still on his Lilith trip, leading to a big loss for Eric. Maybe. Pam and Tara bond over some murder and Jason loses a friend, but gains… well, nothing. But at least there was nary a smoke monster in sight.

Lastly, the mystery behind the senior Stackhouses’ deaths deepens with some troubling implications for Sookie.


Unlike poor geeky Mac (she will always be Mac from Veronica Mars to me), Salome thinks Eric is worth trying really hard to convert to the new vampire agenda. Nora is quite possibly the most boring character on the show in ages. I don’t think we’re supposed to care about her—she’s as good as a rebound for Eric post-Sookie—but it would be nice. All she does is cry and pray. I really hope she gets staked soon. When she forces Eric to drink Lilith’s blood, they both see their maker, Godric, who is subsequently killed by a particularly meaty neck gash via Lilith’s nails. Before he disappears he tells Nora he’s very disappointed in her, saying he evolved. Boy, everyone’s saying they’re evolved lately.

But what does Eric’s vision really mean? What’s dead may never die, right? Works for Game of Thrones. Eric was reacting like Godric was really gone, but if his master’s always a part of him, I don’t think Lilith can really take that away. It was odd though. I would ask how Lilith can be stopped, but she’s not doing much directly. It’s her followers who are the problem.

Speaking of…



He’s outed himself as dreaming a little bigger than the rest. Salome may argue that vampires are creatures of the night, but Russell’s tasted fey blood and has plans to figure out a way to synthesize Sookie’s blood so he can be pretty much invincible. I can’t see this as a negative in any way.



Remember when Hoyt was all sweet and kind? I really hate what the character’s become in the past year, so tonight’s episode seemed like a disproportionately long goodbye for such a whiny jerk. He basically got three send-off scenes. However, it was worth it to see Jessica glamour herself and Jason out of his mind and give him a fresh start. Heartwrenching. I still kind of hate Hoyt for using Jessica and asking her to do that though. Like he’s the only person to ever get cheated on. I feel for Jason’s situation—no girl, no buddies —  but, really. Hoyt? Good riddance.



The shifting pair is getting closer to stealing Emma back. Glad to see the little moppet isn’t permanently stuck as a wolf. How hilarious was it to see Rev. Steve still treating her like a dog, though? We didn’t get any time with the wolf pack tonight, including another disconnected scene featuring Alcide by himself. This was good. The show’s more streamlined as we careen towards the season finale.



“Ice your clam.” R.I.P., Sheriff Elijah. We hardly knew ye, but ye had some very funny lines. It seems my predictions were near to the truth; Pam needs Tara to fill the Eric-shaped hole in her life. And Tara needs Pam to show her how things are done. And they can both learn from each other. And Ginger can just continue to shriek. Will Fangtasia be shutting down for good so long as the Tru Blood shortage continues? Every establishment is a ghost town.

Speaking of…



Nice. Lafayette doesn’t need a story. He just needs to show up and put dumbfuck rednecks in their place.



Who turned Mike the coroner into a vampire? Did he go to Sookie’s on his own or did someone send him? Sookie is so lucky she got chopsticks with her Chinese food. That pretty much never happens to me, even if I ask. And the fact that they weren’t the cheapo kind that instantly splinters when you separate them? Must be those fairies looking out for her.  But I’ve seen more realistic deaths by chopstick and it isn’t by going in through the back.

How rude of Mike to turn to goo in the living room. Doesn’t he know that’s what the Stackhouse kitchen is for?

After some tedious glyph decifering on an obviously non-human scroll, we learn that Sookie does indeed belong to someone as per the binding contract. DUN DUN DUNNNN. Now I’m really thinking Warlow is Russell. But I have very little proof to back it up.

What did you think of the first Terry-free episode of the season? Did you miss him or Alcide? Do you think Jessica will be the one to save Bill and Eric? She’s currently the most sensible person on this show. Sound off in the comments below.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9PM E/PT on HBO.

Theresa DeLucci is a regular contributor to She covers True Blood, Game of Thrones, and is also an avid gamer. She has also covered tech and TV for and Action Flick Chick. Follower her on Twitter @tdelucci


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