Morning Roundup: The Fashion of Rory Williams and Marty McFly

We’ve loved Arthur Darvill’s line-deliver as Rory on Doctor Who for two whole years and will be very sorry to see him go. But we never noticed that his style is very similar  to Marty McFly! Is it possible these two met somewhere? Where is the fanfic of Marty seeing Rory’s outfit and saying “this is heavy?” Further, what if Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap was inside of one of them? Hmmm?

(fan art by Ceenot via Deviant Art)

Your daily offsite links include zero life preservers/vests. But good stuff anyway. Highlights include:

  1. The only film/video footage of Mark Twain.
  2. Batman coming to TV?
  3. The dinosaurs keep dying out.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of If you want a Pepsi you’ve got to pay for it.


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