Bloody Tears For Fears. True Blood: “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”

There were a lot of bared fangs (and more) on this week’s episode of True Blood. And pigs. As tensions rise across the South, Eric tries to outsmart the Lilith-worhipping Authority, the Shreveport werewolf pack receives a gift, and supernatural folk can all sleep a little easier now that the Dragon has been captured.

We’re closer to the end of the season than the beginning—only three episodes left. So are the smaller stories going to get closure a little earlier this year to make room for a bigger, better, more vampire-centric epic finale? I can only hope so because the emotional center of this season isn’t exactly happening. Why does True Blood get thirteen episodes a season and Game of Thrones only ten despite having three times the story material? And real dragons?

At least Lafayette wasn’t tortured this week.


Eric is still trying to save his sister Nora, and Bill, too. But if Bill’s indeed playing the long con he’s sure doing a fantastic job of it. And that’s without getting horizontal with Salome. Bill barely bat an eyelash when Eric tried to play to his heart and ask if he thought Sookie was “just food.” But now that Eric’s been caught trying to escape and will face the True Death, will we see how far Bill is willing to play devout or if he’s really going through a spiritual crisis? Either way, not cool of him to forget his bromance with Eric.


We see the immediate effects of just one less Tru Blood factory in the world as Tara gets bitched out for trying to stockpile some bottles. But Eric being occupied with the Authority has led to the stationing of a new sheriff in Area Five. And he seems like a real dick. So while Pam and Tara may not be best friends now, something tells me they can combine their preternatural ability to hate for something good. Like getting rid of him.


Was almost eaten by pigs. And that’s about it.


Well, that was the kind of shock that just left me feeling nothing much. Former Sheriff Dearborne is the Dragon. Okaaay? I’m a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Maxine and that the reveal wasn’t, you know, a more relevant revelation to characters in the story. Now Andy gets to look like a good cop by default instead of on real merit. And the whole way fugly cowboy boots marked Bud and his mistress was just too damn ridiculous.


Was there a point to Alcide’s scenes this week at all? We already knew he was a lone wolf at heart, so why do we need to see him visit his dad and waste a good opportunity to use Robert Patrick? Young Alcide and Young Debbie were cute.


Speaking of the pack that abjured Alcide, Russell’s back up to his old tricks, feeding V to get werewolves on his team. But not in the same way he wants Steve on his team, I think. Their interactions, from saying grace in the opening to the ending in Shreveport, were a real highlight. Now I feel bad wishing I could have a wolf puppy of my own after seeing Martha cry about her granddaughter’s abduction. Boy, I sure hope there’s a tall, dark, and Cajun lone wolf uncontaminated by V to help Sam and Luna save that precious little girl!

Other points of interest:

  • Sookie’s “stripper fairies” know that vampires are trying to take over the world. Will it bring the fairies out of hiding?
  • I said points of interest, so I don’t need to talk about Terry fatally wounding Felicity, dude.
  • Lafayette finally remarks on his new role as Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. Loved the lashes.
  • Everybody poops. Except vampires. I love the return of brilliantly stupid Jason Stackhouse. How much better is he this year without were-panthers pooping all over his character development?

True Blood airs Sundays at 9PM E/PT on HBO.

Theresa DeLucci is a regular contributor to She covers True Blood, Game of Thrones, and is also an avid gamer. She has also covered tech and TV for and Action Flick Chick. Follower her on Twitter @tdelucci


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