Morning Roundup: Behold the Pretty Feathered Dinosaur!

We know some dinosaurs were feathered, but it’s still hard to wrap our heads around just what that looked like. Luckily artist Emily Willoughby makes beautiful art depicting the feathered versions of our prehistoric friends. We saw one of these over on io9 and love them all. See more on her website here.

The rest of your offsite links are not as feathered, but just as important. Highlights include:

  1. The details on the Peter Mayhew biopic. (Yes, really.)
  2. The torture of Ghostbusters 3 news continues
  3. Colbert gets us jazzed for the Mars Rover landing.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby leaves the feathers to the dinosaurs and the boosters to the rockets.


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