A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light Heads One Step Closer to Publication

“Today I got up, and did not have a Wheel of Time book to work on.”

That small but fateful sentence appeared at the top of Brandon Sanderson’s blog today, signifying that he had completed major revisions on the draft of A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time book.

Sanderson details that he sent off the revision to Team Jordan on Saturday morning and that he expects the book to head into the copyedit and proofreading phase. Brandon isn’t entirely done writing in the world of the Wheel of Time, as little things will have to be cleared up here and there during the proofreading process, but his statement is a powerful one nonetheless.

It was early 2008 when a then-relatively-unknown fantasy writer by the name of Brandon Sanderson was tapped to complete the Wheel of Time series in the place of the departed Robert Jordan. It’s been an intense ride since then, as fans discovered they weren’t getting just one more book, but three, all of which would materialize in the next four years. The thought of it all was a mountain that loomed before readers and Sanderson himself.

Sanderson’s statement today is an exhalation. That mountain has been scaled, honor is being done to the memory of Mr. Jordan, and an end, an unbelievable end, is at hand.

Head over to Sanderson’s blog to read in full his thank you to fans of the series.


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