Big Doctor Who Season 7 Spoiler Possibly Confirmed

We know Amy and Rory’s final episode on Doctor Who is coming next season (five episodes in, specifically) and we know they’ve been filming in New York City. Back in the spring we speculated (along with several other fans) that one particular plot point was going to happen. It blew our minds then, and it’s blowing our minds now. And now The Daily Star is saying it’s real. Check below the cut for this possible spoiler.

Seriously, this is a possible spoiler.


Now, this article from The Daily Star has a typo in it’s headline (“Waht a Liberty”), but still. The speculation back in March was that the Weeping Angels, which are confirmed to be featured in Amy and Rory’s final episode, would be featured in a way that is very specific to New York City.

Basically, New York City presents a perfect trap for this kind of Weeping Angel. An Angel that always has at least one set of eyes on it.

Don't Blink, tourists.

Don't Blink, tourists.


Others will also note that young Melody Pond ended up in New York City in the latter half of the 20th century before her (assumed) regeneration into Mel. Since the Angels send people back in time and feed on the timelines they never lived, might Amy and Rory find themselves actually raising their daughter?

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby orbits the Statue of Liberty with a cloaking device.


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