Morning Roundup: Princess Leia is the Best Star Pilot in the Galaxy

Princess Leia will be taking to the skies as an X-Wing pilot in a new Star Wars comic book. We saw this wonderful image on The Mary Sue and were shocked that it wasn’t the cover of this new series, but instead comes from artist Adam Hughes (responsible for the awesome cover for last year’s Batgirl #1) In anycase, we think it’s about the most inspiring thing we’ve seen in ages.

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Highlights Include:

  1. News from SDCC, including The Hobbit and Elysium
  2. First shot of Bond’s new “Q”
  3. A real robot, who can really skip stones.

The first time Q has been younger than Bond!

The first time Q has been younger than Bond!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby knows a few maneuvers.


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