Girls’ Nightmare Out

Girls’ Nightmare Out on TorChat

The Tor/Forge blog is back to chat! Their monthly Twitter Chat series is set for this coming Wednesday, August 15 from 4-5 PM under the hashtag #torchat. This time Tor Books is chatting with the authors involved in Girls’ Nightmare Out.

As students all across the country try to squeeze in just one more fun book before picking up their textbooks again, we’ll be joined by Lisa Desrochers (@LisaDez), the author of the Personal Demons trilogy, whose final volume, Last Rite, was published in May; Kendare Blake (@KendareBlake), whose debut took readers and critics alike by storm and whose new novel, Girl of Nightmares, a genre-bending love story drenched in blood and terror, publishes in August; and Marta Acosta (@MartaAcosta), author of the popular Casa Dracula series, as well as her YA debut, the gothic Dark Companion, publishing on July 3, 2012.

The chat will be loosely moderated by Katie, the blogger behind Mundie Moms, a popular YA review site. Katie founded Mundie Moms in January 2009 as a place for fans to discuss their favourite YA novels. From there, it grew into a community of fans and reviewers discussing every aspect of YA fiction and chatting with YA authors. Follow the chat and join in by using the Twitter hashtag #TorChat!

#Torchat happens in the middle of each month and you can check here and on the Tor/Forge blog for info, authors, and times.


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