At the Edge: An SFF Exhibition

At the Edge opened this past Saturday in Allentown, PA. I was smacked right in the eyes when I turned to look at the first piece on the first gallery wall: a beautiful pen and ink by Franklin Booth of a ship of the line, followed by an original Arthur Rackham. A first class collection of first class fantastic art, all luscious originals that spanned the past two hundred and twelve years.

Frank Frazetta

And it continued to astonish, piece after piece, gallery after gallery. A wall of original Frazettas; full scale sculptures by Tom Kuebler, oil paintings by everyone from Bonestell to Berkey, NC Wyeth to William Blake. Exquisite pieces by Golden Age illustrators and contemporary professionals.

Edmund Dulac

I became suddenly anti-social, avoiding handshakes and helloes in favor of pressing my nose up close to many of my favorite paintings, and most of my favorite painters. I was powerfully delighted and damn near giddy over this show.

Stanley Meltzoff

If you are anywhere near Allentown, and you are a painter, or an enthusiast for fantastic worlds portrayed by many of this world’s greatest artists, you must stop by to see what a wonderful presentation Pat and Jeannie Wilshire have put together at the elegant Allentown Art Museum.

Arthur Rackham

Paul Lehr, detail

petar mesjdjza, detail

Petar Mesjdjza, detail

Steve Hickman and Michael Whelan

Robert Wiener, Mahlon and Kinuko Craft

Greg Manchess

Gregory Manchess is an artist and writer working in New York and Portland.


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