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Queering SFF: Pride Month Extravaganza!

It’s June, and we know what that means: Pride Month! The time of year when QUILTBAG people and allies celebrate, queer content blossoms all over the place, and we remember the folks who’ve come before us. After all, the Stonewall Riots took place at the end of June in 1969; the symbolic significance of this month in American queer history is a pretty big deal. In some ways, every day is a pride-day—but it’s also important to have a specific holiday, a time set aside for joy, for celebration of our selves and our survival.

So, this year at Queering SFF we’re going to do something special for Pride: a veritable extravaganza of queer-oriented posts, spread over the whole month of June. I’ll be writing about books new and old, forthcoming and classic (or both)—plus doing publisher and author spotlights, as well as an editorial or two. Our focus over the course of this special feature will be twofold: honoring the long history of queer speculative fiction while also celebrating the continuing growth of the community through new works. We’ll talk about gender, sexuality, and identity; we’ll talk about luminaries of the field and fresh young faces alike, the classic and the contemporary together.

Join us for a big queer speculative June—come forth and be merry! Talk about books! Share the love! I look forward to celebrating with you.


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