Gaming Roundup: Hate Culture in Multiplayer Matches


Anyone who’s ever played a multiplayer game with a bunch of faceless strangers will hear some disturbing trash talk. Some gaming communities embrace this gendered, sexualized, and homophobic language as another form of competition to see who can best humiliate another player. Female gamers are especially targeted for such attacks, which is no big surprise. There are whole blogs devoted to showcasing some of the worst encounters with misogynistic jackasses who think rape jokes are the height of comedy, like Fat, Ugly, or Slutty. “Macho,” militaristic franchises like Call of Duty and Gears of War are particularly prone to this disgusting behavior.

Over on Kotaku, a rape survivor talks about how she herself tends to get caught up in the moment of a multiplayer match and seeks to completely dominate and dehumanize other players. It’s a well-written article about the psychological warfare of online gaming and its real-life effects. Which of course means the comments will make you want to scream.

In other gaming news this week, 38 Studios, creator of Kingdom of Amalur, has ceased to be, Capcom looks to accelerate their development process, Elder Scrolls Online attempts to stand out from the pack, a new Carmageddon is now a reality, and Diablo III replaces night life in South Korea.

  • Not a good month for gaming studios as a whole. Konami is being sued for fraud by City National Bank for money borrowed to develop Def Jam Rapstar.
  • 38 Studios, creator of Kingdoms of Amalur, officially went under earlier this week. Any and all work on current patches and future games, including an Amalur-based MMO, will have been for naught. Owner Curt Schilling claims comments made by Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee scared off $35 million in private investment into 38 Studios that may have been able to keep their MMO development running.
  • We are not linking to the new Hitman Absolution trailer that shows Agent 47 killing a bunch of sexy nuns in vinyl and stilettos because it is so very boring and tacky.
  • The developers of Carmageddon: Reincarnation have reached their Kickstarter goal, and development is officially a go! Prepare for Carmageddon’s return by allocating kill points to random pedestrians on your drive home today.
  • For the technically inclined among us, Kotaku has been closely monitoring what is currently only known as Project Outerra, an ambitious game engine that allows for the literal creation of entire worlds, and also renders some real purdy-lookin’ grass.
  • Who needs girls and hard liquor when you’ve got Diablo III? According to a Korean newspaper, Blizzard’s latest online drug is having a noticeable impact on South Korea’s night life.
  • On a somewhat related note, gaming is now grounds for divorce, as far as Japanese women are concerned. Careful, guys….
  • A new Batman: Arkham City DLC launched earlier this week. Harley’s Revenge adds a new story mission, featuring the response of the Dark Knight and Robin to the re-emergence of Harley Quinn in Arkham City. Available now on your gaming platform of choice for $9.99.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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