June 2012 Steampunk Events Round-up

The heat is on this summer, along with some fantastic events in the steampunk community. Outdoor festivals, revolutionary conventions, innovative art shows, and dinner theater await the retrofuturistic social butterfly. We’ve combed the aetherwebs and tuned-in our ear trumpets to the word on the street for some exciting stuff going on in June. Alongside the Airship Ambassador a.k.a Kevin Steil, joining us this month as a guest contributor is Countessa Lenora, a.k.a Lee Ann Farruga, the founder of Steampunk Canada!

Of course, if we unfortunately missed listing your event, drop a line in the comments. Those who want to see their July event highlighted here, send me a note at [email protected] by June 17th with the details to be included in next month’s round-up!


The Airship Ambassador recommends:

Steampunk Industrial Revolution – June 8-10, 2012 – Nashua, NH

Steampunk Industrial Revolution aims to bring together fans of steampunk from throughout New England in camaraderie. From maker to literary scholar, cosplayer to cabaret band, there is a place for everyone. Brought to you by The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew and staff from the well-known New England event Another Anime Convention. The theme for this con’s second year will be “Year of the Dragon.”


Brass Screw Confederacy’s Steampunk Hootenanny – June 8-10, 2012 – Port Townsend, WA

From the website: “On June 8th a body of steampunks, Neo-Victorians, and sympathizers shall meet in the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend to celebrate humanity’s progress towards a more convivial world that embraces esoteric apparel, exotic equipment, and fantastical imaginations unconfined by trifles like physics and decorum. The Brass Screw Confederacy shall draw upon the assembled to discover to what mad heights in future events. Join us for The Brass Screw Confederacy’s ‘blueprint year,’ the laying of foundation and cornerstone for many fine years of looking back and forth to ever greater adventures.”


ConTemporal – June 21 – 24, 2012 – Chapel Hill, NC

ConTemporal is a new experiential SF/Steampunk convention being held  in June 2012 at the Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel. Our first year finds the temporally-challenged port city inadvertently stabilized in the Golden Age of Piracy. Come find out what happens when Steampunk meets pirates. 


Lee Ann recommends:

About our guest contributor: Known internationally as Countessa Lenora, Canadian Queen of Steampunk, Lee Ann Farruga is the founder of Steampunk Canada, a national organization bringing together steampunks from across Canada, and educating the general public about this genre/community. You can follow her on Twitter at @CountessaLenora.


Oamaru Steampunk Festival – June 2 & 3, 2012 – Oamaru, NZ

A New Zealand steampunk festival with many different attractions for young and old. Events include The History of Steampunk with Neave R. Willoughby, Steampunk Inspired Short Stories, Steampunk Music Extravaganza, Dirigible Racing and the Steampunk NZ Fashion Show!

Why Lee Ann recommends this event:  “New Zealand has become known as one of the best places for steampunk. In Oamaru they have made the whole town steampunk. They have used they wild imaginations to create their very own Steampunk HQ. They even have their own airship! Their sense of fun and adventure is very inviting and if I had the time and means I would attend this event in a heartbeat. You can find out more at their website: SteampunkNZ.”


The 3rd (Foot and Mouth) Regiment presents their Regiment Parade and Lincoln Castle weekend – June 15 – 17, 2012 – Lincoln, UK

The fine body of men, which is the 3rd Regiment of the Foot and Mouth, have been asked to be the main event at Lincoln Castle on June 16th & 17th. There will be camping within the castle in an authentic camp.  Join Thadeus Tinker, Lady Elsie, the lovely ladies, Queen Victoria and the fine men of the 3rd (Foot and Mouth) Regiment for a weekend of fun and history.  

Why Lee Ann recommends this event: “The 3rd Regiment is based on the regiment from the movie Carry On Up the Kyber. If you know the Carry On series of movies, they are some of the best classic British humour. The 3rd (Foot and Mouth) Regiment has been lovingly recreated by some of my favourite steampunks in the UK – The Victorian Steampunk Society. You can be sure of a side-splitting good time with these folks.” 


Phineas Phlensing’s Steam on Queen, a Steampunk Street Fair – June 23, 2012 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A day of steampunk family fun in the sun in downtown Toronto on the grounds of historic Campbell House! Featuring acclaimed merchants and artisans from near and far, as well as performances by Mental Floss Sideshow and others for your amusement and edification!! 

Why Lee Ann recommends this event: “Beside the fact that I know almost everyone putting this on, and I know they will do an amazing job of it, and the fact that I am attending it myself, it’s FREE! Not only that, it promises to be a steampunk event of epic proportions as never before seen in the Toronto area! ….did I mention it’s FREE….”


Additional events from around the world:

The Mystery Train presents “The Night of the Assassins: A Steampunk Murder Mystery” – Now through June 9, 2012 – Kansas City, KS

Two of the finest from the Wild, Wild West are called in on a special mission to protect the President in 1893. They are met with modern ideas, social reform, steam-powered mechanisms and an array of assassins! A delicate situation, to say the least … and then a murder happens! With so many killers to choose from, will the passengers be able to figure it out? The evening begins with role-playing at 6:30 pm, followed by a marvelous meal and a mystery-comedy show at 7 pm. More information is available at www.kcmysterytrain.com including a complete schedule with menus.


Steampunk Social hosted by Small Studio – June 16, 2012 – Westlake, OH

If you are a novice or a seasoned pro, join us to mix & mingle! Come chat with others about costumes, props and accessories.









Steampunkinetics at the Animazing Fine Art – June 28, 2012 through Sept 27, 2012 – New York, NY

AFA and Steampuffin are pleased to present “Steampunkinetics,” an exhibition of over forty kinetic sculptures by eighteen artists inspired by and entrenched in the Steampunk aesthetic. Some functional, some frivolous, and all fantastical, the works in this exhibition include lighting, furniture, time machines, submarines, airships, musical instruments, gizmos and gadgets









Time Machines: Robots, Rockets, and Steampunk at the Shelburne Museum – June 16, 2012  – October 28, 2012 – Shelburne, VT

Time Machines explores the power of imagination to transport us to another time and place. From Flash Gordon to neo-Victorian steampunk, Time Machines is a fanciful and nostalgic exploration of dreams of the future. 

Ay-leen the Peacemaker is the founding editor of Beyond Victoriana, a blog about multicultural steampunk, and you can also follow her on Twitter.


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