The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume 2 (Excerpt)


Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World, the first novel in the epic Wheel of Time fantasy series, has been adapted into a comic book series written by Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Andie Tong. In The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Two Rand al’Thor, Egwene al’Vere, and their friends flee their home village in the company of Moiraine and her Warder, Lan Mandragoran. Pursued by their enemies, the group seeks sanctuary in Baerlon. Rand’s nightmares grow darker. Moiraine takes Egwene under her wing. Lan warns them to trust no one, but should that distrust extend to Lan and Moiraine as well? 

Read an excerpt after the jump, where Moiraine takes a quiet moment during the chase to explain to Egwene about the One Power and how she can become an Aes Sedai.

The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Two comes out on June 19.


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