Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners

The award winners for the 19th edition of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual were announced this evening at an awards ceremony at Spectrum Live, a weekend-long celebration of fantastic art, in Kansas City. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!


The award finalists are…

Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Tyler Jacobson: Talon of Umberlee (above)
Silver Winner: Android Jones: Boom Festival

Justin Coro Kaufman
: Mothead
Tyler Jacobson: Daask Crime Lord
Lucas Graciano: Temple Guardian


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Edward Kinsella: Wooden Bones
Silver Winner: Jean-Babtiste Monge: Ragnarok (above)

John Jude Palencar
: Bared Blade
Petar Meseldzija: Eowyn and the Lord of the Nazgul
Dragan Bibin: Vid the Vampire


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Alex Alice: Sigfried III
Slver Winner: Jim Murray: DOTA 2: Tales from the Secret Shop (above)

Sonny Liew: Malinky Robot
Andy Brase: DarkSun II
Phroilan Gardner: The Destroyer


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners

Concept Art:

Gold Winner: Justin Sweet: Jack the Giant Killer (above)
Silver Winner: Daniel Dociu: Hangar

Brian Matyas: Spartan Victory
Robh Ruppel: Yemen (above)
Allen Williams: Unknown One


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Virginie Ropars: Jack
Silver Winner: Thomas S. Kuebler: I am Providence (above)

Jonathan L. Matthews
: Batman, Black and White
Allan Carrasco
: Rhinatuar
Michael Defeo
: Octopus


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Jean-Baptiste Monge: Mic Mac Cormac
Silver Winner: James Gurney: Kosmocertatops

Bobby Chiu: Early Bloom
Ture Ekroos: Beneath
Chris Buzelli: Strength in Numbers


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Raoul Vitale: Turin and the Glaurung
Silver Winner: Android Jones: Water Dragon 2012 (top of post)

Petar Meseldzija
: The Rescuer (above)
Bill Carman
: Three Wishes
Omar Rayyan: Crow and the Pitcher


Announcing the Spectrum 19 Award Winners


Gold Winner: Michael Whelan: CK Unmasked
Silver Winner: Justin Gerard: Portrait of a Monster #3 (above)

Eric Fortune: Last Embrace 
Andrew Theophilopoulos: Princess of the Pleia Dians
Kei Acedera: Morning Chill


The Spectrum 19 annual will be out in the fall—it always excels at bringing us the broadest array of fantasy inspired art the field has to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing them and many of these artist at Spectrum Live in May.

Irene Gallo is the Art Director of Tor Books.


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