Gaming Roundup: Have a painkiller and read verrrry slooowly


Remedy’s original blockbuster franchise gets the Rockstar treatment with its latest installment, Max Payne 3. It’s been almost nine years since we last encountered the titular hard-boiled mess of a man, but he’s clearly returned with a fresh look for today’s consoles and a few new tricks up his blood-stained sleeves. Reviews are pouring in and, as is expected of a new Rockstar title, they’re glowing.

Read for yourself at Polygon, IGN, Kotaku, and wherever ex-cops sit in smoky bars, popping pills, and waxing existential.

  • Ever-classy Saints Row The Third announces a new expansion pack based on their April Fool’s Prank: Enter the Dominatrix.
  • Is Kingdom Hearts returning to consoles? Series director Tetsuya Nomura says “it’s about time.”
  • Halo 4‘s limited edition has been announced and might we have possible box art?
  • Is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us more The Road than The Walking Dead? Also, bonus point for Hank Williams track.

  • As of Bethesda’s latest patch, it’s much harder to power level smithing in Skyrim. IGN’s got a new guide for those who hate to grind.
  • Steam credits are coming to GameStop.
  • Proving people love nostalgia gaming, Carmageddon: Reincarnation has already raised a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter.
  • So who would win a fight? Agent 007, Commander Shepard, Master Chief or Mario? The answer may surpise you in this hilariously gory video.
  • Did you know Final Fantasy XI just turned 10? Well, now you do.

  • You can listen to New Austin travelers tell ghost stories around a campfire in the frontier of Red Dead Redemption, or you can tell your own.
  • Watch a demonstration of someone building a room with the Portal 2 Community Test Chamber.
  • Finally, we know who was behind Blizzard’s failure to have working servers for Diablo III‘s launch:


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