Morning Roundup: Vintage Shatner is Stalked by a Penguin

Some people think time is an illusion. Others think time is a companion that goes with you on the journey and reminds you to cherish every moment. Still others know the truth; time is a penguin that stalks you all your life. In this vintage TV commercial dealing with frozen foods, William Shatner has an amazing run in with his greatest foe.

Your offsite links do not know if the penguin works there or not, but are useful nonetheless.

Highlights include:

  1. Yep. It’s real. The Avengers increased the sales of shawarma.
  2. The Predator makes peace with Arnold.
  3. Amazon head Jeff Bezos is no longer pretending he’s not building a spaceship.

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What’s this? Sneak attack! Another weird vintage Shatner commercial! Gotcha.

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