Morning Roundup: Velociraptors Shafted by Mainstream Media. Again.

Just how upset should you be on a day-to-day basis about the death of the dinosaurs? If you were to hang out with us, we’d answer that question with “very.” If you aren’t sad about the dinosaurs being dead, there’s a chance you’re part of the problem. Best Week Ever agrees with us so much that they recently lost their cool about HBO’s new show Girls excluding raptors from mainstream media once again. Did everyone forget how smart raptors are? I mean, the man said “clever girl” for crying out loud. Didn’t HBO think “Clever girls” could have been a good tagline for this show, had it included raptors?

We continue to be confused. Your offsite links always travel in packs.

Highlights include:

  1. More on the real-life asteroid mining.
  2. Jim C. Hines poses like a man.
  3. What Palpatine’s face almost looked like.

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From Jim Hine's website

From Jim Hine's website

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