Covers Revealed for John Scalzi’s Manga Fantasy Trilogy

This past Friday, Tor Books announced that John Scalzi’s award-winning fantasy trilogy Shadow War of the Night Dragon will be adapted as a manga with artist Madeleine Rosca on illustration duties. (You can read an excerpt from the first book The Dead City here on

Now, we’ve got an exclusive reveal of the full-size covers for the three-volume series!

The manga adaptation follows closely after the success the original fantasy trilogy received after its completion last year.

“I have to admit at first I was skeptical,” said author John Scalzi of the adaptation decision. “Could the medium of manga truly contain all the deep layers that are the Shadow War series? All the writing craft, all the trenchant allusion, all the subtle yet pointed social commentary that the series’ readers had come to expect—nay, demand? But then Tor backed up the money truck, and I suddenly realized that, yes, in fact, manga was the perfect medium for Shadow War. I could not be more richly proud of this edition.”

Scalzi’s editor on the project, Patrick Nielsen Hayden explains the decision from the Tor Books end: “By leveraging our our best-of-breed holdings in the Scalzi mindspace we expect to facilitate new opportunities to monetize our subcultural platforms. Through granular 24/7 frictionless architectures we will embrace-and-extend our web-ready eyeballs into impactful relationships. As ever, Tor is proud to be at the forefront of the new wave of the cutting edge.”

Release dates for the Shadow War manga series have yet to be finalized, in the meantime, have a look at the covers for all three books in the series!


The Dead City:

The Shadow War of the Night Dragon manga by John Scalzi

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Dark Blood Magic:

The Shadow War of the Night Dragon manga by John Scalzi

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Dream World of the Fire Wolf:

The Shadow War of the Night Dragon manga by John Scalzi

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