Morning Roundup: Tony Stark Crashes Westeros Stark Family Photo

Hey there, Thursday. This Tony Stark hanging out with his true family thing got us thinking about other cool suits of power-armor that are perfect. The most obvious example of an unstoppable powersuit is easily Gizmoduck from Duck Tales. How sick was that guy’s suit? Right? I mean Super Force was pretty dope, but Gizmoduck is way better.

Your offsite links are here, and they may or may not contain spoilers. Mega-zap.

Highlights include:

  1. Someone made a mistake in movie copy and now everyone thinks it’s confirmation that [REDACTED] is coming back for Dark Knight Rises
  2. You must love the real-life jumping robot.
  3. David Yates being all, “No, I am definitely doing a Doctor Who movie.”

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Holy Bat-Blog:

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