Gaming Roundup: Good Memories Edition


The newest games are great and all, but every know and then we get a little nostalgic. Thankfully, sells DRM-free downloads of some of our favorite games of yesteryear.

Created in 2001 by Ion Storm and Square Enix and developed by the brilliant Tom Hall, Anachronox was released to little fanfare but positive critical reviews. A sci-fi RPG with Japanese and Old West elements, Anachronox is a shining example of engaging characterization and sharp wit coming together to create a memorable gaming experience.

Protagonist Sly Boots, a down-on-his-luck PI, resides on the abandoned, rotating planet of Anachronox, overrun by scoundrels and lowlifes. In an effort to save his own hide after pissing off the wrong crime boss, Sly finds himself hopping from galaxy to galaxy, swept up in a quest to save the universe. (What other kind of quest is there, really?)

Despite its dated looks —running off the Quake II engine — Anachronox remains a game ahead of its time. Far too many gamers missed out on this hidden gem. We encourage you to remedy this, stat.

Also in this week’s gaming roundup: a new video featuring gamers without shame from Mega64, a peek at SimCity 5, Bioshock, Prey 2, and more.

  • The next story in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series will come in video game form. Read all about Mistborn: Birthright here.
  • A fan made a 40-minute Bioshock film called New Year’s End, set before the first game on a very important night in Rapture’s history.
  • Is Bethesda going to cancel Prey 2?
  • Skyrim cabbage trick shots, anyone?
  • We love the guys at Rooster Teeth, but some of our favorite gamer humor comes from the guys at Mega64. They just have no embarrassment gene. And while I love the new Uncharted 3 parody, we think their best work is still this bit of brilliance lovingly mocking Heavy Rain and its frakking frustrating controls:

  • Remedy Games wins again with it’s latest “patch” to Alan Wake. This is not exactly a deterrent to pirating a copy.
  • Hardcover GTA fans are modding GTA III to use the same engine as GTA IV for improved graphics and vehicle handling. We’ll be all over the updated GTA: San Andreas. Grove Street 4 lyfe!
  • Speaking of San Andreas, “Blue Hell” was one of our fave gaming-out-of-bounds experiences. What’s yours?
  • BrowserQuest brought to you by… Mozilla? Now you can get your RPG on for free at any time thanks to the company that brought you Firefox.
  • PAX East is next week. Look forward to news on Assassin’s Creed III, Borderlands 2, Firefall, and much more.
  • Shack News previews SimCity 5.
  • IGN takes a look at Diabo III‘s monster design.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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