The Hunger Games Leads the Pack in a New Wave of Dystopia

Goodreads employee Patrick Brown recently created a fascinating infographic charting the popularity of dystopian novels among the thousands and thousands of Goodreads users. This data was then compared to user activity regarding dystopian novels from the past 100 years and assembled. (The full version is quite a bit more substantial than the above graph.)

It confirms a lot of suspicions about current young adult books — The Hunger Games had obviously produced a new wave of YA dystopia, so it’s nice to see that confirmed—and provides some interesting jumping off points for further thought. (We’re particularly intrigued by the male/female divide in dystopian narrative displayed here.) Check the whole thing out at the above link.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is an account used by the staff for general news items. It doesn’t know what the next wave of YA will be, but thinks it will probably be about thoughtful rockets.


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