Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen Save Hobbit Bar

So there was this pub, right, that has been in business for over 20 years in London Southampton and calling itself The Hobbit. Then there was this massive forthcoming movie blockbuster, see, and for some reason it hired a Hollywood film firm by the name of the Saul Zaentz Company to shutter anything with the word “Hobbit” on it to such a baffling extent that we’re forced to speculate that they did a Google search for the word “Hobbit” then blindly sent threatening letters to the first ten pages worth of links. Because threatening someone’s livelihood over a movie? That’s pretty shitty.

Luckily, Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen agree and have since stepped in and offered to pay for any fees leveraged against the pub by the movie that they themselves are starring in. This is probably because they’re decent people! (Again, just speculation based on their actions!) You can read more details on the last-minute save on the BBC site.


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