Weekly Highlights: Hunger Games, Dr. Horrible Returns, and Remembering Moebius

We know how hectic the week can be—it always seems as though you miss something while you’re getting from Point A to Point B. With that in mind, we’ve arranged some weekly highlights just for you! Just take a look below at all that went on:

Story from James Morrow: “Thanatos Beach”

Another story from David G. Hartwell’s Palencar Project, James Morrow brings you “Thanatos Beach.” Inez has an inoperable brain tumor, but one day a dwarf comes to speak to her and her twin sister about a potential cure from a man named Dr. Vincent Philoghast. He believes that her tumor is its own lifeform, and might be convinced to leave… at a price.

The World is Watching: The Hunger Games on Tor.com

We’ve done a reread of the books, finishing up this week with Mockingjay, and Jenny Kristine has looked at the ways in which the marketing campaign for the film has triumphed… and also where it might fall flat. And what about the feud between fans of the series and the frankly similar Battle Royale? Karin L. Kross looks at the ways these stories are different, specifically how they reflect the cultures they herald from.

Comic writer and illustrator Faith Erin Hicks has also drawn us a very personal reflection on The Hunger Games, letting us know just why this story may hit home for so many people.

Movies and TV: John Carter Has a Cute Space-Dog! Game of Thrones is Mapped! New Doctor Who Companion Revealed?

John Carter hit the theaters last week: Ryan Britt tells us all why the movie manages to charm. (The alien dog definitely didn’t hurt.) And speaking of films based on classic SF, Danny Bowes reacquaints himself with Total Recall.

We’ve got a new Game of Thrones trailer complete with more Joffrey slapping, and while we’re at it, we thought we’d show you this super-cool map of Westeros! Also, Dr. Horrible 2 is coming! Which is much better than winter.

And what about those two upcoming Snow White films? A trailer comparison by Leigh Bardugo reveals that Mirror, Mirror is looking tired and decidedly less fair than Snow White and the Huntsman.

Has the Doctor’s new companion been cast? Perhaps, and rumor has it that the lady in question might be the former Madame de Pompadour

And you know who’s a creep? Will Riker.

New Comic by Brian K. Vaughan, First Look at New Dark Tower Book & Tiptree Winners!

Brian K. Vaughan (of Y: The Last Man fame) is back with a new SFF comic project Saga, and we’ve got the scoop—and an interview with the man himself!

Jason Denzel got a sneak peek at Stephen King’s latest installment of The Dark Tower and shares his thoughts on The Wind Through the Keyhole.

Also, we’ve got a complete list of the Tiptree Award winners—take a look at who took home the prize this year!

Discussion Corner: Heroes, Romance and Star Wars

Jo Walton has a few things on her mind lately—first, can you call to mind some heroes who fail? A list of sorts is forming, and we’re always looking for additions. And what are your thoughts on romance? Do you avoid it like rain puddles or gobble it up like Girl Scout cookies? Has your opinion on the genre changed over time? Discuss!

Then, the Ides of March had us thinking about betrayal, which naturally led us to George Lucas. Why does he engender this specific sort of hurt in fans? Emmet Asher-Perrin thinks she has the answer.

And finally, you simply must take a look at this incredible exhibit of Star Wars artwork

Jean “Moebius” Giraud: 1938-2012

Sadly, the hugely influential French comics artist, Jean Giraud—who went by the pseudonym Moebius—passed away last week. Tim Maughan tracks the inspiration his art brought to so many SFF works over the years, and the enduring impact he has left on fantasy and science fiction.

Stubby the Rocket is always happy to highlight things.


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