Dr. Horrible 2 May Be Closer Than We Think

Those of you who have waiting with bated breath for the next Joss Whedon musical venture may be in luck.

In news from Wired, it looks as though a return to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is already deep into the planning stages.

In fact, it looks as though only two things are holding production back: Joss’s songwriting muse and getting everyone’s very busy schedules aligned.

According to the very-busy Whedon, the entire outline of the sequel is complete and a few songs are already in the bag. Still, it looks as though getting back into a songwriting mood is proving a bit of a challenge, and getting everyone’s schedules together is even harder. Hardly suprising when you take a look at the hectic year he’s been having, and then combine it with the schedules of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. It’s not exactly as though those two are hurting for work.

Still, no hints are forthcoming, which makes our minds wander to just what might happen in Dr. Horrible 2. What do you want to see? Dr. Horrible’s rise to world domination? A confrontation with Bad Horse? Captain Hammer flying a stolen blackhawk to the doctor’s evil lair?

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