The Only Song of Ice and Fire Map You’ll Ever Need

Song of Ice and Fire fan theMountainGoat has combined several of the maps floating around in both the books and through fan portals in an attempt to provide a cohesive worldwide view of the planet now being visualized onscreen in A Game of Thrones.

The result is the above loveliness, which connects the Nine Cities to the Dothraki Sea, Qarth, and other lands only spoken of in passing. You can click the above map to get a better view, but you’ll have to visit theMountainGoat’s site to get the full detail. He’s also got a very nifty timeline animation and Google Earth version of the Song of Ice and Fire events, all of which are terribly addictive.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and would love to see Tall Trees Town in the books. Before the characters in that series inevitably burn it to the ground.


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