Morning Roundup: Will Lady Gaga Defy Convention and Play a Human in MIB3?

Welcome to the one day of the year unlike any other: Leap Day! Like the Nexus, time has no meaning on Leap Day, but everything else from Gurgling Gungans to Lucy Liu, to Lady Gaga’s humanity has even more meaning than normal. Like plus 2. Everything has like plus 2 more meaning on Leap Day. And time has no meaning. Got it? Ready for your perfect assortment of offsite links? (Also, if you’re in NYC, you better come to our party tonight!)

Highlights include:

  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson brings the class to The Daily Show.
  2. The Lucy Liu news.
  3. Batman stuff that almost happened.

Every day Stubby the Rocket jets around the internet looking for links of interest. When Stubby finds these links, they get put in our handy Links of Interest section and sometimes on our Twitter and Facebook!

Cool Stuff:

Batman+ Other Superheroes

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby thinks Tilda Swinton would make an excellent female Sherlock Holmes.


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