Morning Roundup: The Doctor Returns to Bad Wolf Bay & the World Ends

It’s Monday and we’re so grumpy to be back at work that we’re looking at illustrations of the world ending. More fire! More flood! Lightning! PHOTOSHOP!

Also, what’s this about the Doctor returning to Bad Wolf Bay? What if he leaves Amy and Rory there? How will Rose know to come get them? Or is it Alfava Metraxis pre-crash of the Byzantium? What if he leaves Amy and Rory there? Please look at these offsite links while we calm down:

Highlights include:

  1. Early impressions of The Avengers are coming in and…it’s not dumb enough.
  2. Lucy Lawless, Xena herself, just took down an actual New Zealand oil-drilling ship. That discus of hers is shockingly effective…
  3. An awesome Return of the Jedi/Community poster.

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