You Really Want Your SFF Legos!

Lego versions of SFF properties seem to be popping up more and more these days, whether they’re fan-made like this Lego version of Hill Valley 2015 or the cast from Game of Thrones, or whether they’re produced by Lego itself, as is the case with recent Lord of the Rings and Avengers Legos.

Last Friday we asked the folks following us on Twitter what they’d like to see next in Lego form and the responses were immediate!

  • JodyWallace: Sharktopus!
  • TimMaughan: District 9. (We have to agree, that ship would look amazing in Lego form.)
  • FelixGilman: Flatland
  • Kirrmistwelder: Tron Lego. (My kids beg me to make light cycles out of Lego.)
  • hellioncat: the Other Half had a dream he was playing Lego Skyrim. I gotta say, I find the idea oddly appealing.
  • MattBryantDFW: They should make Lego Ender’s Game. Cuz let’s face it, who hasn’t read and loved that book?
  • causticsoda: Lego Scott Pilgrim vs the World!
  • dragonmount:  Rand Al’Thor! (To which user mistlepro replied, “take a regular Lego figure, rip out left hand.”)
  • ShilohWalker: Lego Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • StellaMortis: Dresden Files

More than one person suggested Cthulhu-based Legos.

  • JoshuaCairnes: Cthulhu Legos! Shub-Niggurath is a single large black block that comes with 1,000 small ones.
  • JonathanLHoward: Cthulhu Mythos. Yog-Sothoth would come in an infinitely large box.

Once someone suggested Lego Firefly, though, it was all over. The rest of the responses after that were basically a storm of agreement. And we’re no exception! We’d love to assemble a Lego Serenity like the kind that Chris Doyle over at ReasonablyClever has crafted. (Pictured above.) It’s the perfect plucky little spaceship to wheel and dive through the air.

Although, speaking of plucky little spaceships, someone else had a Lego request of that nature…

  • IreneGallo: Lego Stubby! Crew, next Ops Meeting, I’m bringing 5 lbs of red and black legos.

Gotta go, we have a meeting.

(Check out Chris Doyle’s site for lots more SFF Legos, including construction patterns so you can build them at home!)

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and voice of the staff. Its recreation deck is 70% Lego.


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