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Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Picks

Barnes and Noble Bookseller’s Picks for February

For over a decade, Barnes & Noble buyer Jim Killen has been a driving force behind Barnes & Noble’s science fiction and fantasy sections. Each month on, Mr. Killen curates a list of science fiction & fantasy titles, sometimes focused on upcoming titles and sometimes focused on a theme.

We just finished exploring Military Science Fiction in January. Now check out the Barnes & Noble science fiction and fantasy picks for February.

Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Picks for February



Mass Effect: Deception by William C. DietzMass Effect: Deception, by William C. Dietz (Jan. 31, Random House)

The universe is under siege. Every fifty thousand years, a race of sentient machines invades our galaxy to harvest all organic life-forms. They are the Reapers.

Two people who know the truth are desperately searching for a way to stop the cycle: Navy admiral David Anderson and his partner, Kahlee Sanders. Along the way, they find an unlikely ally in Gillian Grayson, a young woman with extraordinary powers. Once the subject of horrifying scientific experiments, Gillian is now free—and beginning to master her deadly abilities. But after learning that Cerberus was responsible for the death of her father, Gillian swears vengeance against the group and the Illusive Man—threatening to unravel everything Kahlee and David are fighting for. The latest in the Mass Effect series based on the video games.


Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke ColeShadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole (Jan. 31, Penguin)

Lieutenant Oscar Britton of the Supernatural Operations Corps has been trained to hunt down and take out people possessing magical powers. But when he starts manifesting powers of his own, the SOC revokes Oscar’s government agent status to declare him public enemy number one.




Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop ManualStar Wars: The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual, by Ryder Wyndham, Chris Reiff, and Chris Trevas (Jan. 31, Random House)

This Haynes Manual traces the model history of the Corellian Engineering Corporation’s YT series of spaceships and the development of the YT-1300 model line before focusing on the Millennium Falcon, itself a modified YT-1300. Onboard systems, controls, and their operation are described in detail and supported by a host of photographs, line art, floor plans, exploded diagrams, and stunning computer-generated artwork, all newly created by acknowledged Falcon experts Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas. Text is by Ryder Windham, author of more than fifty Star Wars books.


At the Mountains of Madness (Illustrated)At the Mountains of Madness (Illustrated Classics) by H. P. Lovecraft and Ian N. J. Culbard (Feb. 7, Sterling)

H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying horror story gets an illustrated interpretation by one of today’s finest graphic novel artists. Geologist William Dyer—the narrator of this novella—is desperate to stop a research team planning a journey to Antarctica. He himself led a disastrous mission there, only to discover evidence of blood-chilling evil from beyond Earth. Will the new expedition continue its plans? And what will happen if they go?


City of Dragons by Robin HobbCity of Dragons, by Robin Hobb (Feb. 7, Harper Voyager)

Continuing the journey she began in Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven, Hobb rejoins a small group of weak, half-formed and unwanted dragons and their displaced human companions as they search for a legendary sanctuary. Now, as the misfit band approaches its final destination, dragons and keepers alike face a challenge so insurmountable that it threatens to render their long, difficult odyssey utterly meaningless. Book three in the Rain Wild Chronicles.


Unbroken by Rachel CaineUnbroken, by Rachel Caine (Feb. 7, Roc)

As the world begins to fall apart around her, Cassiel finds herself fighting those she once called her own—the Djinn. With Weather Warden Luis Rocha and the rescued child Ibby by her side, Cassiel struggles to find a way to protect those that are in her charge and come to terms with the leadership role she never asked for. Cassiel is opposed by a powerful Djinn bent on raising an army of kidnapped Warden children to bring about nothing less than the end of the world. It will take everything Cassiel has to stop the Djinn from starting a war that will wipe all of humanity from the face of the earth.. Fourth in the Outcast Season series.


Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom, edited by John Joseph Adams (Feb. 7, Simon & Schuster)

Readers of all ages have loved Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series since the first book, A Princess of Mars, was published in 1912. Now, in time for the 100th anniversary of that seminal work, comes an anthology of original stories featuring John Carter of Mars in brand-new adventures. Collected by veteran anthology editor John Joseph Adams, this anthology features stories from Peter S. Beagle, Jonathan Maberry, Catherynne M. Valente, Tobias S. Buckell, Joe R. Lansdale, Robin Wasserman, Austin Grossman, and Garth Nix, plus original illustrations.

You can read a story from this anthology right here on! Read “The Metal Men of Mars” by Joe R. Lansdale.


A Perfect Blood by Kim HarrisonPerfect Blood, by Kim Harrison (Feb. 21, Harper Voyager)

Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of human and other. Pulled in to help investigate by the FIB, former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan soon realizes a horrifying truth—a would-be creator is determined to make his (or her) own demons. But it can’t be done without Rachel’s blood. As a bounty hunter, Rachel has battled vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, and more. But humanity itself might be her toughest challenge. Tenth in the Hollows series.


Iron Warriors Omnibus by Graham McNeillIron Warriors: The Omnibus by Graham McNeill (Feb. 28, Games Workshop)

The Iron Warriors are Chaos Space Marines with unrivalled expertise in the art of siege warfare. With great batteries of artillery and all the favours of the Ruinous Powers at their command, there is no fortress in the galaxy that can stand against them for long. This omnibus follows the schemes of the embittered Warsmith Honsou in his struggles against the hated Space Marines of the Imperium. Drawing upon characters and events from author Graham McNeill’s popular Ultramarines series.


Know No Fear by Dan AbnettKnow No Fear: The Battle of Calth by Dan Abnett (Feb. 28, Games Workshop)

Unaware of the wider Heresy and following the Warmaster’s increasingly cryptic orders, Roboute Guilliman returns to Ultramar to muster his Legion for war against the orks massing in the Veridian system. Without warning, their supposed allies in the Word Bearers Legion launch a devastating invasion of Calth, scattering the Ultramarines’ fleet and slaughtering all who stand in their way. This confirms the worst scenario Guilliman can imagine – Lorgar means to settle their bitter rivalry once and for all. As the traitors summon foul daemonic hosts and all the forces of Chaos, the Ultramarines are drawn into a grim and deadly struggle in which neither side can prevail.The 19th book in the Horus Heresy series.


The Scar by Sergey and Marina DyachenkoThe Scar, by Sergey Dyachenko and Marina Dyachenko (Feb. 28, Tor)

Egert is a brash, confident member of the elite guards and an egotistical philanderer. But after he kills an innocent student in a duel, a mysterious man known as “The Wanderer” challenges Egert and slashes his face with his sword, leaving Egert with a scar that comes to symbolize his cowardice. Unable to end his suffering by his own hand, Egert embarks on an odyssey to undo the curse and the horrible damage he has caused, which can only be repaired by a painful journey down a long and harrowing path.


Touchstone by Melanie RawnTouchstone, by Melanie Rawn (Feb. 28, Tor)

Cayden Silversun is part Elven, part Fae, part human Wizard—and all rebel. His aristocratic mother would have him follow his father to the Royal Court, to make a high society living off the scraps of kings. But Cade lives and breathes for the theater, and he’s good—very, very good. With his company, he’ll enter the highest reaches of society and power, as an honored artist—or die trying. Young Adult.


Womanthology: HeroicWomanthology: Heroic by Camilla D’errico, Ranae DeLiz, Ming Doyle, Colleen Doran, and Fiona Staples (Feb. 28, Idea & Design Works)

Womanthology is a large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics. It is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels, from young girls who love to create comics all the way up to top industry professionals. All of the short stories will center around the theme for this volume – Heroic. There will also be features, such as Professional How-To’s, a Kids/Teens section showcasing their works and giving tips, as well as a section dedicated to some iconic female comic creators of the past, such as Nell Brinkley, and much more. Profits of this book will go towards the Charities of


Check back with us at the beginning of March for next month’s B&N Picks, and keep an eye out next week for Independent Bookseller Picks for February!


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